HartmanPower Solutions

Hartman Power Solutions offers fast, efficient, and easily deployable floating power and freshwater facilities. We provide these services where they are needed, particularly in cities and urban areas facing challenges with electricity and water supply demands. We can assist in areas requiring war or emergency aid arrangements.

The team behind Hartman Power Solutions has years of experience in building, operating, maintaining, and managing vessels worldwide. This expertise enables us to address global issues and make meaningful contributions. Our vision and mission reflect the importance we place onthese values.

Our ships are ideal for infrastructure in an area

Our Utility Barges are well-suited for supporting infrastructure in various locations. Our vessels offer power solutions for different types of infrastructure, including hospitals, government buildings, equipment, electric vehicles, wind energy generators, and backup systems. Therefore, our Utility Barges are ideal for meeting the infrastructure needs of specific areas.

Sustainability is paramount

While assisting in areas facing problems is crucial, we also prioritize sustainability.Our boats are manufactured with a low carbon footprint in mind. Additionally, all our boats are powered by methanol. By doing so, we not only help people in problem areas but also contribute to a better environment.